Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tolkien Roadbug

This is my Tolkien Roadbug Spinning Wheel, purchased from The Woolery (awsome service!!), made by The Merlin Tree.
I personalized this with a woodburning pen ($15 from Hobby Lobby). I found the graphics in the internet and sized them on a copier. Taped them in place with tracing paper beneath($3 at Hobby Lobby) and traced over the pictures with a ballpoint pen. Then removed the papers and traced over that with the woodburning pen.

From clockwise, Erwen's Evenstar, Gandalf's mark, White Tree of Gondor

This says "Suzanne the Spinner"

The footpedal has JRRTolkien's initials, and of course the wheel says:
"one ring to rule them all,
one ring to find them,
one ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness bind them."

I LOVE my wheel!!!!


Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Your wheel looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you did it too. I've been thinking about how to decorate a plain spindle and I'm going to try your method. Again, beautiful!

Alison Russell said...

That is just Way Too Cool!