Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aguona Laptop Bag by Knit Picks

Pattern: purchased as a kit from Knitpicks.com
Yarn: Knit Picks Telemark

Bought the kit from Knitpicks. Had trouble getting guage, knitting is very tight and still can only get 24 stitches to the 4” instead of the 26 recommended. I’m beginging to see why so many have posted about making this into a pillow instead of laptop bag….I’m thinking about a slite ‘felting’ of the bag, may help with the floats on the inside and will help with the extra inches.
5/24/09 - row 30
5/25/09 - RIPPED OUT! Starting over with #3’s.
6/4/09 - at the half way point!! Still large for my laptop, thinking of felt/fulling, if I do it inside out, may help with the floats…. 6/9/09 - almost done, still too large. If I had a sewing machine I’d sew it and cut the excess off, but I’m afraid my hand stitiches wouldn’t hold and the yarn would unravel. Still thinking of felt/full for this, my only reason to hesitate is the white/red combination, which will bleed into a lovely pink/red. When I finish, I’m going to swatch what’s left of the yarn and see how bad it bleed and felts….will keep you posted. OH yeah, and I’m doing an Icord bindoff.
6/9/09 the knitting is done, and have finished the swatch to try felting…just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
6/28/09 My friend Kim had a GREAT idea, since I had a laptop ‘sleeve’ already, just sew this bag over the sleeve….perfect! Takes up the extra space ‘cuse NO ONE can get gauge on this thing, adds padding for laptop safety-gotta have that, don’t have to worry about lining the bag since you know the laptop would snag all those floats in the inside no matter HOW good you are at it. YEAH!!