Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#11 Eyelet Cowl

Pattern:#11 Eyelet cowl, VogueKnitting Holiday 2009

Found the yarn while visiting the Southern Indiana Fiber Art Festival. LOVE this yarn, also bought some lace weight. Pattern is super easy, fast, fast knit!! 6 row pattern repeat, easy tv knitting. Finished in 5 days!!! LOVE IT!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ring of Lace

Schaefer Yarn Company/Toni Morrison colorway, purchased at Sophie's in Louisville.
9/23/09 used knitted cast on. Beautiful color, and I will have enough yarn to make two of these! 10/7/09 BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the color! Have to block and then will post pic. Great pattern. 10/11/09 As beautiful as this yarn is, it’s silk and just doesn’t block out like wool does. It’s pretty, beautiful colors, but all that lace work need to show up and silk just doesn’t have the memeory that wool does. I’m not loving this and won’t make a second one in silk, I’ll make it in wool….I’ll find something else to do with the rest of the skein.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Side to Side Skirt

Pattern: DROPS Skirt

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, used almost all of two cones (big butt)

Easy pattern! Saw a great modification at: Love it and I’m going to use her idea! I added 6 stitches to waist band for a casing for elastic, I don’t like skirts without a waist band, and this pattern doesn’t have one….WTF? I will still have the opening with buttons at the waistband, but elastic will keep it in place. (NO wardrob malfunctions here!)

9/27/09 Sewed up the side seam, will sew the waistband tonight and insert the elastic, have to find buttons and then done! 9/30/09 Finished!

Simple Yarn Scarf

Yarn: Louisa Hardin Cinnabar/3 skeins, purchased at Dee's Craft in Louisville, KY


CO 21

K every r for 6 r

R1 K

R2 K2, P across to last 2st, K2

R3 K2, yo, k2tog across to last st and K1

R4 K2, P across to last 2st, K2

knit till end of 2nd ball and then Kevery r for 6 r BO loosely

Cut and attach fringe, block, sew in ends. Look fab-u-lass!!

3 pair of socks for the guys

Pattern: Tow up/short row heel/4x4 rib

Yarn: ONline Supersocke 100, purchased at Stitch Niche in Lexington.

Cast on 5/8/09 finished 8/21/09