Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Pattern: Oblique by Veronik Avery @ Knitty.com
Yarn:Knit Picks Andean Treasure from Knitpicks.com

Frogged yarn from another sweater(bohemian tunic from Knit Picks )that I just didn’t love anymore.

1/13/09 Finished the back, had trouble with the ragland decrese and the lace pattern.

1/25/09 Finished both fronts and cast on both sleeves. Life lines…gotta have ‘em.
2/1/09 You know when you’re getting closes to the end of a knitting project and you just KNOW that you’re not going to have enough yarn…. and the company probably doesn’t have that color anymore, much less the same dyelot…..
2/6/09 I’m 100% sure that I will NOT have enough yarn for the the top half of the sleeves or the collar, thank goodness I’ll be in Bowling Green next week and get to visit the wonderful ladies at Craftyhands, they will have something that I will make work. (I believe in faireys too!!)
2/15/09 Nope, no alpacca in peach at Craftyhands, sigh….But they had so many other things. Have searched the Ravelry ‘stash’ for this yarn and found a few that may be willing to help out.
2/23/09 A WONDERFUL Raveleryer had this color in her stash and was kind enough to send me her extra. Finishing up the sleeves this weekend….YEAH!
3/5/09 SHE’s BLOCKING!!! well the back is, have to flip her over tomorrow and block the front. YEAH!! And even though two seperate dye lots were used, I can NOT see any color variation. SWEET!