Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Present Sock

1/7/11 Cast on, toe up & short row heels.

1/21/11 Finished!!

Yarn is 'On your Toes' DK weight by S.R. Kertzer

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I've stolen this wonderful idea from Lisseut
But I'm finding that other brilliant minds are thinking the same thing.
Let me explain the Stash Knit Down of 2011:
Goal-for my stash to get down to 20 items.
I can only buy "X"yards of yarn or roving after I've used/gifted 3"X"yards.
I'm going to update this post as I use/gift/acquire


U=1skein=400 yards fingering by Knitted to a T

U=1lb corriedale roving spun 3ply worsted got 650 yd from Copperpot made Shalom with it

U=2 skein 270 yd  each for total of 540 yd DK weight 'On Your Toes' from S.R.Kertzer

U=4oz Alpacca 2ply 250 yds from Lunabud Knits made Rorschach's Net

U= 40z Merino roving (280 yds) from Knitted to a T, made Garden Pond with it.

U= 6 skeins (1380 yds) DK weight from Great Northern Yarns, made Edelweiss Neckwarmer with it.
3/31/11 Spun 1lb 8oz/Knit 3250 yds, YEAH!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Biker Chick Tinker

Pattern: Tinker by Janel Laidman's book The Enchanted Sole

12/28/10 Cast on!Very cool pattern, I'll use this pattern again!The YARN!!! Tonia at Knitted to a T has some awsome colors and ROCKSTAR QUALITY....LOVE!!!

1/6/11 Finished!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Red Wooly Worm Scarf


Skinny Scarf. Cast on 9 stitches using US17 needles. Knit every row till you run out of yarn.

Wide Scarf.Cast on 10 stitiches using US7 needles. Knit stockinette till you run out of yarn.

12/31/10 Cast on. 1/1/11 Finished (both)

Yarn: Kata Big Snow from Dee's Craft

Weasley Homestead Socks

12/18/10 Cast on, these will be toe-up with a shortrow heel.

12/27/10 Finished. Wish I had more of this yarn, these are just a little short.