Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jewel Fair Isle Socks

Pattern & Yarn in a kit from Jewel Fair Isle Socks by Tina Whitmore

9/17/10 Bought this kit ages ago (sign) this is work, a tangle mess of work! They’ve been sitting with all my sock yarn since this pattern intimidates me.

10/5/10 Rip it, rip it, rip it!! Got to the heel and couldn’t pull them on over my foot, tooooo tight! Starting over on size 5 needles. This is sitting in timeout! Bad, bad knitting.

10/20/10 cast on again…. we’ll see how she behaves this time.

11/22/10 Not loving this pattern, thinking I should have stuck with the gussett heel shown in the pattern (but I love my shortrow heels -she whined!) Anyway, now the heel does fit but sock is loose everywhere else, pooh! I’m NOT ripping this out again, just going to push on through and finish the darn thing!

11/27/10 They are finished! Thank GOD!

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