Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bed Jacket

Pattern: Bed Jacket from Romantic Styles
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca

4/4/10 Spent last night winding into balls from skeins. Ready to cast on.

4/15/10 Finished the back.

4/23/10 Body finished, working on collar. The pattern never says anything at all about how to attach the collar.

4/25/10 Started the edging, OMG, this will never end.

5/8/10 Blocked cardi & collar, still trudging throught the edging ....

5/31/10 Sewed the edging onto the cardi last night, still knitting the edging for the sleeves and have to do the icord tie. SOOOO ready for this to be finished.

6/6/10 FINISHED!!!!
If I could give you any advise on this, it would be to knit the edge and when you think you are getting close to the length (mine was about 6 feet I think) start running life lines at the end of each chart repeat.
When you block the edging, which you must do, you'll get more length, and realize that now the edging is too long and you'll need to rip back.
Wish I had run the life lines myself.

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