Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hydrangea Stole

Yarn: Valley Yarns 10/2 Bamboo

Bought a cone of Bamboo at ‘the woolery

Found some beads at Ben Franklins. NOT doing the entire stole with beads, but I do like the beaded cast on and I’ve beaded the first row for weight and drape.

6/27/09 Cast on! Life lines every 10 rows….oh yeah, I learn from my mistakes!

8/18/09 I’m screwed! Found a mistake 25 rows back, and I’m only alternating LL every 10 & 20 rows. BUT I did keep my LL in for the begining of chart B….so I only have to rip out 50 rows. Because this mistake shifted the entire pattern out of wack and there is no ‘fudging’ this, CRAP!

9/23/09 made it to the half way point! YEAH!!! Must take break, gonna finish up some smaller stuff before I cast on for the second half. This is NOT for the faint of heart.

10/8/09 CO for the second half.

2/12/10 Have listed this for the ravelympics2010 teamwip2010. I only have maybe 20 rows and then grafting the two halves together. I WILL finish this.

2/16/20 Took off work today to finish this B)^€h!! Eight months!! I’ve been working on this off and on for eight months and I’m soooo ready to be finished. AND SHE IS FINISHED!!! My first completion for TEAMWIP2010 ~~ YES!


ChelleC said...

This Hydangea stole is really beautiful. I so admire your work. Found your blog through Ravelry link.

The Ruana you made was what originally drew me to your blog. Did you knit with both the Noro and the Kidsilk Haze held together?

Suzanne said...

Yes, the Ruana is knit with both yarns held together, it's a great TV pattern, mindless easy knitting till you get to the markers, then a YO or a decrease depending on which side you're on. I love wearing it.

nerwen said...

I was hoping against hope that you perhaps had a chart of that really awesome punisher skull you knit on that hat. In the hopes of knitting a sweater for my dear hubby. Ive searched everywhere.

Suzanne said...

I didn't save the chart, but it was easy to create. I just used 'google' to find pictures of the Punisher skull, and then went to:

and it created several different sizes of charts that I could choose from. Sooooo easy!!